Create magnificent applications with a global network of experts
How it works
You start a project on our platform.
A dedicated project manager gets in touch to discuss the details.
We split the workload into small, independent tasks.
The assignments are immediately delegated to our talent network.
Your app rocks!
Reinventing software development
We develop tools that allow building powerful and robust applications in a truly modular manner. Our approach enables dividing complex projects into small and well-defined tasks that can be completed independently of each other. This allows programmers, designers and project managers to work on assignments that are perfectly suited to their abilities.
Crowdsourcing with care
Togedo combines on-demand access to the top talent with quality standards and best practices employed by the world's leading technology companies. We ensure that every feature or component is well documented and covered by a comprehensive suite of automated tests. In addition, all completed work has to pass a systematic peer review by domain experts.
The App Development Cloud
Togedo is home to a worldwide community of software builders. We strive to deliver a great developer experience regardless of timezone or geographical location. This allows us to provide on-demand and highly scalable access to the leading domain experts across the globe.