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Reinventing software development

We've developed a revolutionary model of building powerful and robust applications in a truly modular manner. Our tools enable dividing complex projects into small and well-defined tasks that can be completed simultaneously by independent agents. This allows programmers, designers and project managers from all over the world to work on specific assignments that are perfectly suited for their abilities.

Robustness by design

The structure and behavior of every application component is strictly determined and automatically monitored throughout the development process. The input and output parameters of every function are clearly specified in terms of data types and shape, whereas the behavior is checked by unit tests that cover every operation.

Lightweight, reusable modules

Togedo applications are composed of minimal, pure functions defined with mathematical precision. The codebase is reduced to the bare minimum and the data flow can be analyzed and visualized effortlessly. This allows project owners, programmers and designers alike to work in perfect unison.

Connecting open-source with proprietary work

While we develop generic, widely applicable components as open-source, the parts that you want to keep private are thoroughly protected and isolated. You can choose who can access and develop your proprietary modules and integrate them with the freely available solutions.

Continuous review and improvement process

Automated testing and rigorous constraints ensure that the implementation of every module matches its specification. Valid solutions are reviewed by recognized experts who can rate the quality of the code or visual components and suggest possible improvements, leading to flawless, optimized and elegant tools.

The programming environment of the future

Our tools are minimially opinionated to allow for participation of a wide range of software creators coming from all sorts of backgrounds. Although the way we build complex applications from simple functions relies on the principles of functional and reactive programming, individual modules can be based on various programming styles.

A single solution for all platforms

We've chosen JavaScript as the base of our environment due to a very wide adoption along with the simplicity and flexibility of the language. The prolific ecosystem allows us to seamlessly target desktop, mobile and web platforms with a unified codebase. Our model will gradually move beyond the confines of a specific programming language to a more abstract representation of data transformations.

Limitless integration possibilities

We make interfacing with external APIs, applications and services as frictionless as calling functions in your own code. It's extremely easy to connect your Togedo applications to the outside world and watch how the data flows in and out. Interactions across internal and external modules are presented and managed in a consistent and unified manner.

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